Llos& is a design-focused development studio founded by Andreu Llos in 2010 with the goal to create remarkable websites and digital projects. With meticulous attention to detail, we specialize in crafting visually stunning projects curated by outstanding agencies. We believe in the power of collaboration and the synergy that arises from combining creativity with technology. Our multidisciplinary team is driven by a shared love for both design and programming and every project we undertake is executed with precision and care.

We specialize in crafting bespoke websites. Some of our preferred tailoring tools are Astro, Nuxt/Vue and Eleventy. On the content side, we mostly work with open source CMS like WordPress or Sanity. We also develop custom Shopify themes for ecommerce. For conventional web hosting, we rely on Kinsta, while Netlify serves as our preferred platform for hosting static websites and managing deployments. This website is still under construction, it has been developed using Nuxt and designed by Affaire.

Andreu Llos


Andreu is graduated in Computer Management and Multimedia. He started working as a freelance developer and web designer around 2010 and he has formed his own team over the years. He has collaborated with agencies and design studios from many different places. Andreu Llos is the founder and director of Llos&.

Eva Domènech

Lead developer

Eva is passioned about creative coding & interaction design. In 2012, she co-founded a digital art collective focusing on critical desecration of technology and she has leaded several multidisciplinary projects since. She has two Master degrees in Digital Arts and High Performance Web Programming and a Postgraduate in Technopolitics.

Telma Llos

Project manager

Telma holds a degree in Fine Arts and started as a freelance web developer in 2014, joining LLOS& team in 2016. She combines technical tasks with project management, with a keen eye for details and a strong commitment to project success. Beyond the digital realm, she finds joy in cultivating her own flowers from seeds.

Martí Fenosa

Front & Motion Developer

Martí Fenosa is a Senior Frontend and Motion Developer with over 8 years of experience in the field. While he specializes in the layout and programming of cutting-edge designs, his true passion and focus are on creating advanced animations in JavaScript.

Èric Corbí


Èric has a Higher Education in Tourism and Administration. From an early age, technology draw his attention. He moved to Barcelona to study 3D Animation when Martí introduced him to some coding concepts that captivated him. He joined LLOS& in 2019. He loves to play padel, videogames and learn new stuff.

Clara Layti

Shopify Expert

Clara has been a web programmer at LLOS& since 2020. She has led the development of web projects produced by studios such as Folch, Hey, Affaire or Proxi, among others. She studied Creation and Development of Digital Activities, specializing in UX design and web programming.

Claudia Oliveira


Claudia is a developer and media artist. She works mainly with digital media and her projects often make use of the limitations of tech as an expressive tool and question the perception of reality mediated and manipulated by technology. She started to collaborate with Llos& in 2019.

Maxime Mondet


After his studies in graphic design and multimedia project management, he started a career as a graphic designer in Paris. Over the years, he has developed various skills related to multimedia and digital. More recently, he has finished his studies in Web Development at the Le Wagon school. He joined LLOS& team in 2022.

Martina Borrut

Content manager

Martina has been working at LLOS& since 2016. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a passion for music. She speaks several languages and takes care of all the details related to the content. In other words, she puts the web in shape for the final delivery.

Sergio Barriga


Sergio, with studies in Microcomputer Systems and Networks, has been a web programmer at LLOS& since 2023. Technology is not just his job; it’s his passion. His goal is to continue learning and growing in this ever-evolving technological landscape. Sergio is always eager to take on new challenges and contribute to the success of any project in which he is involved.

Clara Visa

Intern Developer

Clara joined LLOS& in 2022 as a part-time internship with the goal of enhancing her skills as a developer while pursuing her studies in software engineering

Former collaborators: Aitor Murillo, Blanca Frade, Sarai Rua, Néstor Vera, Jonay González, Calvin Herizo and Núria Saban. Although they’re not currently part of the daily grind, we want to thank these inidividuals for adding their unique touch and spirit to our journey 🙌🏼

Llos& studio headquarters

Arch. & interior design by Bajet Giramé, photos by José Hevia. Barcelona 2023.

LLOS& Studio inside view. Arch Bajet Giramé, photo Jose Hevia, Barcelona 2023.
LLOS& Studio terrace view. Arch Bajet Giramé, photo Jose Hevia, Barcelona 2023.
Pujades 77, 8-6.
08005 Barcelona